Residential Services

For all your at home security needs.

Fort Lauderdale Residential Locksmith Services

When you need a replacement or extra key for your home, you trust the services of a reliable locksmith. But a good Fort Lauderdale residential locksmith service can offer significantly more than just replacement key services. Our Fort Lauderdale residential locksmith services help create a safe living space for your family and then continue to support that safety throughout the time you live in that home.


We Offer a Wide Variety Of Services

  • Lock Installation ­ Our large selection of locksmiths in the Fort Lauderdale area stock an equally large selection of top quality locks for both interior and exterior doors. Set up an appointment and a Fort Lauderdale house locksmith can install locks in all the doors in your home in less than a day.
  • Automation and Keyless Entry ­ In addition to traditional locks, we also work with modern electronic entry systems, including keyless entry and automation of various parts of your home. This modern approach makes your home safer and much less enticing for those that might consider breaking into your home.
  • Lock Out Services ­ Almost everyone has been locked out of there home at least once in their life. It can be terrifying, especially if you weren’t prepared to spend significant time outside your home. Our Fort Lauderdale house locksmiths treat every lock out as an emergency, which means they respond to lock outs as quickly as possible. If you report a lockout, a local locksmith will be at your home quickly, often in mere minutes, to provide you immediate access to your home, as well as warmth or shade (as needed) until access can be secured.
  • Repairs and Rekeying ­ Lost keys and broken locks can be a hassle. Our Fort Lauderdale residential locksmith services regularly deal with these hassles. Our expert locksmiths have the experience and equipment to re­key old locks and to repair or replace broken locks. They can even make repairs on some garage doors. If you have a problem, your solution is simply a phone call away.

Keep Your Home Safe, Give Us A Call

Whether you are adding locks to a new home, updating the locks in an existing home, need emergency lockout services, or need to repair a broken lock, our Fort Lauderdale residential locksmith services are available for all your needs. Call us and make an appointment today for the best locksmith services in Fort Lauderdale.